Monday, June 24, 2013

Road Tripping with Ozzie - 10

   Wow, the scents here are all new and terrific! What a place. It’s a zoo of scents.
   We arrived at St. Nora Lake just before dark and I got my nose to the ground immediately. Raccoons, bunnies, deer, moose and yes, my ancestors, those brave and bold timber wolves. The Old Guy said he sat out here and listened to the wolves and coyotes howling three weeks ago. I can hardly wait to join that chorus.
   The final leg of our 3,000-mile journey to this fabulous place was uneventful with not too many exciting sights. A bit of a letdown after all the excitement of meeting relatives in Sault Ste. Marie. All of them of course loved me immediately.
   Checked out the water but it’s odd. No salt like our water in San Francisco Bay. But when you look out over the water you see an entire shoreline of wild and unpeopled forest. That’s where they say the wolves live but the Old Guy took photos of wolf tracks on his property here this spring. They were as big or bigger than mine.
   I think I’m going to like it here. Nana is at this place and she gives me lots of attention and has food all over the place. So far all I’ve done is look and drool. Part of my extensive education in California was learning not to snatch food when no one is looking. But you know even Malamutes have weak moments . . . .
   That’s it. Hope you enjoyed being along for the trip.

(P.S. What's with the photographer? The latest pictures are sepia. Hard to find good help anymore).

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Arriving at St. Nora Lake

Hmmm . . No Salt

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