Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Trippin' with Ozzie - 7

'Put Ozzie on Mount Rushmore!'

   We made some progress yesterday on the ‘Ozzie on Mount Rushmore!’ campaign. Not as much as I would have liked because of those silly dog restrictions in U.S. National Parks.
   I was allowed up only to the lowest Mount Rushmore viewing level for a photo op. They wouldn’t let me onto the long mall right below the mountain on which the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are carved into the rock. That mall is packed with hundreds of people, most of whom, after giving me a glance, would have supported my campaign.
   Really what is the government worried about with these restrictions? Do they think I would scramble up the mountain and pee on Washington’s chin? Geez. No educated and sophisticated dog would ever do that. I mean I’ve got American Kennel Club papers, eh.
   At any rate I’m looking for more support. If you think you’d like to see my chiselled great looks carved into Rushmore, just make a comment on this blog.
   As mentioned the other day, it seems unfair to have four presidents and no dogs carved into the mountain. I mean look at our contributions to society. And, most people agree I have the most adorable face they’ve ever seen.
   I should mention that Rushmore is in South Dakota’s Black Hills, a name which leaves a wrong impression. These mountains were named Black Hills because they are heavily forested with dark, green pines and from a distance appear black. They are rugged and very beautiful.
   We wanted to stay longer but had to make up some time so headed out for the real barren part of South Dakota – the Badlands. We have a good routine going; Marcus is chief engineer looking after electrical/sewer hookups etc. while John is the chief of campfires. Mom does the planning and driving and cooking. The Old Guy just sort of hangs out looking confused and telling stories.
   We camped in the Badlands. Beautiful white/grey jagged land forms that look like small unvegetated mountains.

   Join the chant: ‘Ozzie on Mount Rushmore!’

(Mom has more on our trip at:

Note open space to left where Ozzie's mug could be carved

The Badlands of South Dakota

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