Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Road Trippin with Ozzie - 6

   We left Cody, Wyoming thinking the best of the mountain scenery was behind us. Boy, were we ever wrong.
   We had expected to head east into the rolling high plains and prairie that stretch hundreds of miles to the Dakotas. However, Mom found a scenic route through Bighorn National Forest. Spectacular!
   We corkscrewed our way up to 9600 feet above sea level, getting stunning views of the Bighorn Basin Country below us. Up top we passed through broad green, and sometimes snowy, alpine meadows which graced us with little streams that gurgled a welcome to wade in and lap your fill.
   The Old Guy said this is an ace route compared with the more southerly Wyoming highways where it is more flat and bland. I knew that, but sometimes you just have to let him talk.
   The descent of the east side of the mountains was nerve-wracking but we were rewarded with panoramic views.
   Later we detoured to Devil's Tower National Monument. That's the towering chunk of rock you saw in the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind. The sky closed in with dark clouds and I heard eerie sounds, the kind that only dogs hear. I figured they were coming to take the Old Guy because some of the things he says make me believe that he communicates with space people.
   I'll be glad when we finally reach Mount Rushmore so I can start sweet talking those stone carvers into getting my gorgeous mug carved into that mountain. The people we met today all agreed I would be a terrific  addition to Rushmore.


Devil's Tower, spooky, eh?

Sniffing Around Bighorn
Leaving Yellowstone

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