The Canoe: An Illustrated History

Centuries before the invention of the train and the motorboat, canoes were used for exploration, trade, war, and the hunt. Indians crafted canoes out of dugout logs, birch bark, and animal hides; French colonists employed courier canoes; and the Spanish explorers brought cane and wood crafts with them to new lands. The canoe has brought together Native Americans and European colonists, promoted exploration, and changed the economy forever with the onset of the fur trade. Hundreds of years later, it continues to hold practical, ceremonial, and totemic significance for many North Americans.

Key Porter Books April 2000, 2002
Non-fiction 143 pages
ISBN-10 155263310

The Reviews

Toronto Star: "an aesthetic jewel"...          
Hamilton Spectator: "a study of the canoe's pivotal but under-recognized role in the history of the continent." 

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