Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ozzie On The Road Again - 1


Ready for the 4th
Hey, I'm back blogging. This has been a swellerino week. Celebrated Canada Day July 1 with the folks in Canada. And July 4 Independence Day with the folks in the U.S. Cool cross-border stuff.
    For those of you just joining the ride, here's the background. My name is Ozzie and  I'm a pure bred Alaskan Malamute. Was born in the Sierra Nevada near Truckee, CA and loped down the mountains to keep a San Francisco-area family safe and happy.
   Me, Mom Marcella and the boys, John and Marcus, have been RVing across North America with the Old Guy who usually writes this blog and has a cottage up in Canada. Now we are headed back to California and Dad Steve is with us for part of the ride.
   Phew, this background stuff takes a lot of space and energy!
   At any rate, here we all are in Glencoe Village (just outside Chicago) visiting friends and celebrating July 4 ( which is the day after my birthday! Thanks for all the cards and calls).
   Americans are much more enthusiastic than Canadians about celebrating their heritage. There were Independence Day gatherings in parks, house parties, flags on almost every doorstep and enough fireworks displays to dazzle the most jaded observer.
   Driving into Chicago I must have seen three dozen huge billboard ads for Krazy Kaplans' Fireworks. Interestingly, 99 per cent of all fireworks set off in the U.S. come from China, according to the New York Times.
   Another interesting July 4 fact: three presidents died on  Independence Day - Thomas Jefferson, James Munro and  John Adams.
   Went down to the beach twice today. Once for a swim and once at dusk for the fireworks displays. Towns and villages lining the shores north of Chicago put on spectacular displays. Got a sore neck from turning my head to see them all.
   You read  all kinds of bad stuff about the U.S. in the Canadian papers. But July 4 is the real America. Lots of nice folks, and of course nice dogs too.

Fireworks in Every Direction

Wading in Lake Michigan


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