Monday, July 15, 2013

Ozzie On The Road Again (Finale)

   The best part of travelling is getting home, settling into your favourite chair and reflecting on the wonderful things you saw and did.
   I'm in my favourite deck chair looking out over El Toyonal and running the once-in-a-lifetime road trip through my mind's projector. There's much for me to reflect on after one month covering 6,622 miles through two countries, one large province and 15 states. We travelled though mountains, across high plains and deserts, through boreal forests and rested for a while in lake country.

   The lives of people we observed were as varied as the geography. But on reflection, they are in many ways much the same. They have the same aspirations, and the same types of problems.
   The most prominent and difficult problem is the political system - in both Canada and the United States. Everywhere we travelled we saw the results of decisions made by bureaucrats and politicians trying to please everyone. Decisions based on fear of being unpopular.
   We passed through areas in both countries where governments are bankrupt or teetering on the edge. Places where infrastructure is falling apart, where police services are being cut back, where recreational areas are closed and places where kids are not getting the education that is their right.
   There is not enough money to do everything and the political systems are too polarized to form the team effort needed to create innovative solutions.
   But what do I know, I'm just a dog. An Alaskan Malamute happy to be back in the hills beside the Pacific, where it's refreshingly cool.
   Thanks to Mom, Steve, John, Marcus for bringing me along. 
   And thanks to folks who came along through my blogging. I'm turning it back over the Old Guy now with the hope that he won't screw it up.

Some Bonus Snaps
Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado

Red Rock Monuments Everywhere

My Favourite Perch


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