Monday, June 6, 2011

Hell Begins for the Hotel Maid

Time in Hell begins in earnest now for the hotel maid who says she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62-year-old world heavyweight political-finance guy. The courts start hearing the case against DSK this week.
New York Court System Begins DSK Trial This Week
DSK, head of the International Monetary Fund and potential next president of France until NYPD slapped handcuffs on him May 14, will unleash a tsunami of defence against the 32-year-old immigrant and widow.

Police say DSK grabbed her and tried to rape her when she arrived to clean his $3,000-a-night suite at New York’s Sofitel Hotel.

She has been in hiding since the alleged incident, building strength for the misery that lies ahead. He is out of jail on $6-million bail, but under house arrest at his rented $50,000-a-month town house in New York’s rich Tribeca neighbourhood. The place is 6,800 square feet has a home cinema, luxury spa, waterfall showers, gym and roof terrace. Strauss-Kahn has hired a powerful team of investigators, former spies and media spin doctors who will attempt to destroy this woman and her story. The betting is that the defence will be that she agreed to have sex with him for money. DSK has a history in his native France, where he has been publicly called “the Great Seducer.”

The woman emigrated from a small West African village after her husband died. She is a single mother.
The legal system is supposed to decide DSK’s innocence or guilt fairly and without a lot of ugliness. Unfortunately, it will be a nasty, dirty trial. The District Attorney’s office has its work cut out for it. It does not have the money and resources to match DSK’s massive defence effort.
That’s the way it is in most court systems. The rich and strong hold an advantage.
Accuser and accused no longer are on equal ground. Consider if you are an average person accused of a serious crime. The cost of you defending yourself is so steep that you are ruined financially, whether you did anything wrong or not.
This is a fascinating case that will provide much drama. You can get right into the legal details by going to There you’ll find the latest filings made to the court, including the original complaint laid by police.

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