Monday, February 3, 2014

Groundhog Day

The groundhog didn't come out at our place up north. I worried that he was buried under the snow so I went looking for him. I figured he might be at our bush lot.

There was some snow on the lot road so I decided to plough in. This little ATV wasn't up to the job, however. So I donned snowshoes and trooped in to the tractor shed to get more horsepower.
A little bit of snow shovelling was needed to get into the tractor shed.

The shed was still shaking off the effects of a minus 37 Celsius morning, so I had to take the generator apart, and spray ether
into the cylinders to get it started. Then I plugged the Salamander in and unthawed the tractor. After a couple of hours, we were bucketing snow!

It takes longer than expected to bucket out three feet of snow along a half a kilometer of road, which was cleared three weeks ago.

So when dusk fell, it was back onto the snowshoes, leaving the rest of the snow clearing for another time. My wife was so happy to see me back that she took my picture.

Meanwhile, I never did find that groundhog. In fact it snowed so hard during the day I never got to see my own shadow.

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  1. When you say to yourself "it will all be gone in 2 months", does it help? Not by the look in the last picture. By the way I missed the irony in August: Osage County along with the entire point.