Friday, January 3, 2014

Those 'Mysterious' Booms in the Night

   More evidence today of how our society sadly continues to lose touch with nature. The Internet was alive today with questions about ‘mysterious’ booms heard during the last couple of nights. Police departments received calls. News outlets sprang into action, Googling for answers.
Earth Booming at Minus 33C
   There was no mystery for anyone who has spent any time in winter country outside the cities. The booming is water freezing and expanding deep in the soil and rock during extreme cold. The ground cracks, sometimes explosively enough to cause the ground to move.
   The booms most often are heard in the middle of the night because that’s usually when temperatures reach their coldest. The scientific name for the phenomenon is cryoseism. You can learn more about cryoseisms @
   The booms in the night are an alarm clock at Shaman’s Rock. They wake you, reminding you to reload the wood stove to help push back the brutal cold pressing hard against the cottage walls and windows.

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