Monday, May 27, 2013

The Spring Blooming of Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the many blooms of spring and early summer. No where are the blooms more abundant and spectacular than at commencement ceremonies now taking place across the continent.

Some of the best commencement speeches with their notable quotes can be found at The co-ordinates for the best 2013 speeches are:

That page also links to the best speeches of other years.
Maria Shriver

A 2012 speech that attracted much attention was given at the University of California Annenberg by Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan and former First Lady of California through her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The speech was entitled The Power of the Pause and urged students to change the state of our communication, which she believes is out of control.

An excerpt: "Change it from criticism and fault-finding to understanding and compassion. Change it from nay-saying and name-calling to acceptance and appreciation. Change it from dissembling and dishonesty to openness and explanation. Change from screaming to speaking."

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