Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolved: That Families Eat Together

So, it’s resolution time once more. Following a long-standing tradition, I won’t be making any. Why torture yourself? Resolutions are really wishes that are difficult to fulfil.
   Just plain wishes are much better. If they don’t come about, there’s no huge disappointment, but if they do it’s a wonderful bonus.
   There are so many things to wish for - wishes that would improve the world. So many, it’s best to pick just one.
   One that would make our world a better place concerns eating. But not just reducing how much and what we eat to lose weight.
   My wish would be that families, no matter how you define them, sit down to eat one meal together every day. No television, no smartfones, no iPads. Just people eating and conversing. Sharing thoughts. Sharing observations and ideas. Understanding each other and bonding relationships.
   A study in Britain recently found that fewer than one-third of British families sit down to eat together every night. Fewer than 10 per cent do not eat together once a week even though 42 per cent adults try to encourage family meals together.(you can read more about the study at: ) 
   Other studies in different parts of the world show that eating together makes for better grades in school, healthier eating habits,  builds relationships and strengthens the ability to face problems and resist peer pressure.
   There is plenty of reading available on this topic, including The Surprising Power of Family Meals by author Miriam Weinstein.
   Happy New Year and best of luck with those resolutions!

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