Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey, That's Entertainment!

Good Day! Only hours left before the Big Event! Time for final preparations of coffee and muffins, or popcorn and beer, or whatever you are serving during the Royal Wedding TV-fest. Make extra so you'll have enough for a full weekend watching re-plays.
Just a couple of thoughts before we get totally immersed.
Can we can that silly media marketing phrase "Wedding of the Century." There are almost 90 years left in the century, and who knows what Charlie Sheen will do in that time? He might marry his pet chimp. Whatever, someone is bound to outdo this royal shindig before we hit 2100.

Also, some perspective please on the principle characters in this mega-entertainment event. Will and Kate are not Mr. and Mrs. Cool Role Models. They are rich and privileged. They come with a lot of baggage, notably a Royal Family not known for producing bright bulbs.
Dad Chuck is an aging dolt who needs 175 servants to keep him and second wife Camilla organized. Mom Diana, God bless her, was much loved and venerated, but be honest, she was just an average young woman driven over the brink by her circumstances.
Grandpa Phil? Well what can one say except to recall a conversation I had with him in 1978. I was assigned to cover a reception for the Queen and Phil. I had just returned from reporting the deaths of 12 boys and an instructor in a canoeing tragedy on Lake Temiskaming. My photographer and I were brooding in a corner of the reception room when Prince Phil approached. He asked something innocuous and I said we had just returned from up north covering a tragedy.
“Ahh, yes. The north. Been there myself. Remember an Indian fellow there. Giant fellow. Must have weighed 20 stone.”
All's Ready at the Abbey
I excused myself and went to the bar and threw back a triple Scotch. We should have had counselling after the Temiskaming Drownings, but back then all that was available was booze.
I don’t know anything about the Middletons, but the Windsor family background leaves the young couple a really tough row to hoe. Queen Liz has held things together admirably but sometimes, as in the Diana Tragedy, exhibits awful judgment. The best of the bunch was the old Queen Mom who poured gin and tonic whenever Royal things really got stupid. I admire her even more after watching The King’s Speech.
The wedding will be splendiferous and a brief escape from reality. Then we can all get back to the important things in life.


 1. Ice out at Shaman's Rock this morning! One of the latest ice outs ever. Loons and gulls are all backl.

2. Get out and vote Monday, but don't stop there. Hound these politicians into cooling the political games and force them to work on the country's real problems.

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