Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shaman's Rock Says Hello

There's a new world spreading out there in front of us. A new world with myriad happenings and observations that deserve to be shared. I'm going to start sharing what I observe through this blog: On Shaman's Rock.

Shaman's Rock is a country place on a quiet lake in Ontario bush country. It also is a state of mind; a vision in which storytelling, shared observations and balanced reporting help to calm an angry and confused world.

There is a stillness at Shaman's Rock that encourages reflection. The world needs more reflection. More reflection helps bring balance in a society that is wired for quick hits.

But Shaman's Rock isn't the only place where one can observe and reflect. There's lots happening  elsewhere that deserves observation, reflection and reporting. Tomorrow, we are in California where there isn't much stillness, but there is a lot to observe and reflect upon.

Hope you will drop in to see what we are observing.

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